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Digital Deli    Global Workspace

The Digital Deli provides technical and creative services for harnessing the global digital information economy.

DigitalDeli.US is the base of operations and administration for the Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands.

  The Digital Deli Family provides digital services vertically integrated for use in: education • entertainment • health and wellness • travel tourism • energy • smART city sensor networks • geo location based services (LBS) • digital commerce • new forms of advertising, marketing and promotion • information security.

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Below is a brief description of solutions offered through Digital Deli official domains.   Contact Us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your next project.

  Secure Managed Infrastructure Properties & Brands Imprint, Secure Managed Digital Ecosystems

Future Ready, Secure, Reliable: custom turnkey solutions for micro sites to high volume e-commerce to smart city ecosystems. NGINX Web Servers • Domain Certified Email • iShop | E-Commerce Core • TLS+ Always-On Encryption • 40 Gbps IPv4, IPv6 Internet • Cryptographic Key Management • Cyber AI | Security Suite • Network Operations Control (NOC) • Mail Transport Agent (MTA) • Gen-3 Cloud Trusted Systems

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  Web & Interactive Portal Dev Properties & Brands Imprint, Next Generation Web Design

Reactive Internet Multimedia is our vector based HTML5, CSS3. Javascript development environment for perfect rendering on all devices (mobile-4k). Lightening fast compiled execution for any content (image, video, audio, geospatial, data visualization, textual) with an impressive suite of custom controls. A premier solution for web sites, interactive digital portals, digital signage displays, retail display advertising, public awareness and educational displays.

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  Information Security Properties & Brands Imprint, Cyber Security As A Service

Digital Deli RED is our dedicated Cyber Intelligence operation that manages information security for the Gen-3 Cloud Infrastructure. RED and Network Operations Control protect customer intellectual property, brands and reputation. The Innovation Think Tank and RED design and develop cyber solutions for servers, digital ecosystems and embedded systems using adaptive inference algorithms based on machine learning and real time global threat intelligence.

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  Digital Creative Design Services Properties & Brands Imprint, Rare, Unique and Authentic

Digital Deli Studios is all about creative design. Complex designs are easily rendered for: Web • E-Commerce • Interactive Digital Portals • Geospatial Rendering • Data Visualization. The Mixed Media Lab produces Media, Graphics and manages Multimedia Production design, development, mastering and transcoding. Studios produces all retail and commercial media for the Digital Deli Archive.

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  Digital Deli Media Archive Properties & Brands Imprint, Rare, Unique and Authentic

Digital Deli Archive is an image, video, audio and geospatial repository handcrafted by well seasoned operators using professional digital imaging equipment in a fully calibrated media lab for unparalleled quality. The Fine Art Store provides secure e-commerce access to stunning visual and spatial solutions. Commercial Media Solutions are well tailored for those whose wish to push creative boundaries.

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  Digital Transformation Strategy Properties & Brands Imprint, smART Window Into Your World

Digital Strategy is far easier to formulate when needs, desires and outcome can be contextually evaluated within a known technology framework using evidence based knowledge on future trends. We have always found it best to pair a good strategy with sound solutions to achieve long term benefit measured by social, economic and environmental impact. Technology has no border when it comes to meeting our greatest challenges.

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  Digital Transformation Solutions Properties & Brands Imprint, smART Media Visual Solutions

Digital Solutions that matter are the ones that will be around in 30 years or more and trusted by users who personalize their digital experience. Privacy and Security are the new hallmarks for the global digital information economy. We provide platform solutions for travel tourism destinations, healthcare, smart city ecosystems and for advertising, marketing, promotion and educational enrichment.

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  Multimedia Publishing Network Properties & Brands Imprint, smART Advertising / Marketing Media

Digital Publishing requires the right media, at the right resolution, be delivered at the right time, to the right device, using the right technology for the job. Digital Deli TV wanted all that and to make it so good, it was like looking out a glass window. Regional Content, Edu-tainment, Private Net and Secure Net are IP network optimized content delivery services for scheduled and on demand delivery.

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  Innovation Think Tank

Digital Deli Innovation Think Tank conducts research and development on the application of technology for integration into trusted computing environments. Our pipeline is a unique real world proving ground where digital strategy and technological advancement are turned from concept into products and services. Our guide is experience and evidence based research. We invest in the future by planting the seeds of tomorrow.

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We want every organization to have a trusted digital footprint regardless of size or industry. If you want security, performance, reliability we will help you grow on a world class stage by directing the resources of the Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands.

  Engage us when high level consulting for complex business critical solutions require a wide range of specialized services managed by a trusted vendor.

  DigitalDeli.US operations and administration is in New York, USA (GMT -0500).

  Contact Us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

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